About Us


Time is money. It’s also short. And so we save time wherever we can, even when we describe our own research. All too often, one word must do: You are a cosmologist, or a particle physicist, or a string theorist. You work on condensed matter, or quantum optics, or plasma physics.

Most departments of physics use such simple classifications. But our scientific interests cannot be so easily classified. All too often, one word is not enough.

Each scientists has their own, unique, research interests. Maybe you work on astrophysics and cosmology and particle physics and quantum gravity. Maybe you work on condensed matter physics and quantum computing and quantitative finance. Whatever you do, now you can show off the full breadth of your research interests, not in one word, but in one image.

We created this website so you can generate a keyword cloud from your publications. You can then download the image and add it to your website or your CV. You can also generate a keyword cloud for your institution so that, rather than listing the always-same five research groups, you can visually display your faculty’s activity.

In addition, you can use our website to search for authors with interests close to a list of input keywords or author names. This, so we hope, will aid you in finding speakers for conferences or colloquia while avoiding the biases that creep in when we rely on memory or personal connections.


Tobias Mistele
Tobias is a PhD student at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tom Price
Tom is a programmer in Toronto.

Sabine Hossenfelder
Sabine is a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in Frankfurt, Germany. Website