What happens with my data?

If you upload or generate author lists, this data will be stored on our servers. They will not be read by humans, they will not be analyzed, and they will be removed from our server if you delete them.

Why doesn't my ORCID work?

You need to link your arXiv account to ORCID, see this arXiv help page for more information. ORCID numbers cannot be used for MAG because they are not linked to MAG author identifiers. This is not a problem we can solve on our end.

Why does my cloud contain keywords that I have never used?

It's possible that your papers have been mixed with another author with a similar name as you. If you have an arXiv id or an ORCID, you may get better results using one of those instead of your name. Alternatively, you can manually exclude papers that don't belong to you.

Why does my cloud show no or only very few keywords?

First, you can try to use alternative spellings of your name. Or even better, use your arXiv author id or ORCID. Second, it is possible that you are using a browser extension which blocks drawing on or reading from canvas elements. In particular, the CanvasFingerprintBlock extension for Chrome is known to cause issues.

Why are some of my newer papers not included?

We currently only include papers published on the arXiv no later than Feb 14, 2019. Since we periodically update the papers included, newer papers will be included in the future.

Why is my h-index/paper count/... different than elsewhere?

Currently, we are only using papers from the arXiv preprint server. In particular, this means we do not include any papers from before the arXiv was launched in 1991 or papers published elsewhere. Also, we include only those citations that have been extracted automatically from the arXiv data by Paperscape. As a result, our data can be useful for comparing different authors within our website, but may be less useful for comparing to what other websites show.

Why can't I use my custom metric with an "all authors" author list?

Only published metrics can be used with "all authors" author lists. This is because applying custom metrics to all authors (or all authors of a given arXiv category) is computationally expensive. We cannot do these computations each time a custom metric is created or updated. We do all necessary computations whenever a custom metric gets published.

Why do my keyword clouds not work?

The keyword clouds currently only work with the arXiv database. Please check in the top right corner that you have selected “arXiv”.

If this did not solve your problem, please contact us.